New band Pear drop by and play live, acoustic music

As a music fan there really is nothing that compares to hearing great music live.  Recordings are fine, sometimes fantastic, but for my money you can’t beat hearing it live.  There’s a new duo emerging on the country scene called Pear and they’ve created quite a buzz in country music circles.  That’s not only because they have just released a great debut album, Sweet N’ Gritty, but also because they are such terrific musicians.

Lynae and Denis Dufresne are married in life and music.  The are also world-class fiddlers and multi-instrumentalists (and oh yea, songwriters too!). They met each other while touring the world as the stars in the big-time fiddle spectacle Barrage.  I was fortunate enough to be able to welcome them to my home and sit and listen while they performed a couple of great songs from their debut album. Here’s an original tune, performed exclusively for Top Country called ‘This Ain’t A Love Song.’ This is Pear