Nicole Rayy

Nicole Rayy: 5 Bad Habits You Need to Break in Your Relationship

With the release of “Bad Habit”, we asked upcoming country singer Nicole Rayy to share 5 Bad Habits You Need to Break in Your Relationship.

Rayy’s powerful vocals shine in “Bad Habit” with a melody that will be stuck in your head for days. For anyone who’s held on a little too long in a dysfunctional relationship (haven’t we all…?), this song is for you. If you currently find yourself wondering how to make your relationship stronger, this advice from Nicole Rayy herself is a must-read.

5 Bad Habits You Need to Break in Your Relationship

1. Walking Away From an Argument

In the heat of an argument sometimes it is good to take a second to cool off. However, I think in a relationship it can be dangerous to walk away from an argument and not come back to sort it out. It is important to keep the discussion going with your partner until you can acknowledge each others’ points of view and can come to an understanding. Walking away just comes across as disrespectful and uncaring so I think walking away is definitely a relationship bad habit to break.

2. Taking Your Partner for Granted

I think we are all guilty of this one, especially as we get comfortable in our relationships. It can be so easy to forget to make time for our partners or tell them how we feel. Let’s not forget how awesome it is that our partner puts up with us and break this habit by taking time to appreciate them. Whether it be going out for dinner, saying I love you or a simple thanks, I think we all need to do a little more to show our significant others how much we care about them.

3. Interrupting

We have probably all been interrupted or interrupted someone before. I’m definitely guilty of this one; I realize I’m not paying attention to what the other person is saying because I’m too focused on what I’m going to say back. I think we all need to be better listeners and respect our partners by paying attention to what they are saying and waiting until they are done speaking before we chime in. If we interrupt our partners too often they will probably get frustrated and stop talking to us. Since communication is key in a relationship we certainly all need to banish our interrupting habits.

4. Spending Too Much Time With Your Phone

I’m pretty sure this is one we can all relate to. We come home from work and we are all too preoccupied with the notifications on our phones. I think texting and talking on the phone are a great way of communicating with our partners when we aren’t together however it is taking over when we are at home. We are all getting addicted to our phones and don’t know how to live without them, which is interfering with the way we speak face-to-face with people including our significant others. When we are spending time with our partners at home or out to dinner I think we all need to break the habit and put our phones away.

5. Keeping Score

Keeping score in any relationship is a set up for disaster! If you feel like you have to keep track of everything that your partner does or does not do to be sure you are being treated fairly then maybe you are in the wrong relationship. Keeping score of things when it comes to your significant other makes it seems like you don’t trust them. Or if you are keeping score of your own actions it makes it seem like you are insecure in the relationship or are constantly trying to one- up your partner. Throw away the score board and trust that if you are in a happy loving relationship that all is equal and there is no need to keep track.