Pick of the Week: Alee’s “Moonshine” Music Video

This week’s Pick of the Week is “Moonshine”, the new music video from Alee. We were lucky enough to chat with her about the inspiration behind her new song and what we can expect from her upcoming album. See what she had to say below and watch the CMT premiere of “Moonshine” HERE

TC: “Moonshine” in 3 words
A: Nostalgia, Loved, Celebration

TC: What was the inspiration for Moonshine?
A: The song started on a Friday afternoon, just after I had signed to the label. Andrew Hyatt and I were scheduled to write, and we must have sat there for at least 3 hours with a ton of ideas,  none that were jumping out to either of us. I pulled out my phone, and at the top of my notes was to write a song about my grandpa. He was from small-town Saskatchewan, one of the coolest people I have ever known, and undoubtedly where I got my love of music from, especially country music. He’s been gone three years now, and I miss him like crazy. Andrew had just gotten back from Nashville, had bought some Moonshine off the back of a truck, and had cracked into it the evening before with some of his friends. He threw out the line off the top of the chorus, and I instantly fell in love, and Moonshine was born. While reminiscing on a recent trip with my Grandma to Hawaii meet my great uncle, a certain photo came to light, and I discovered the song had more literal meaning than we even intended when writing it…that was the proof that this song was meant to be. It’s been amazing to already hear back from the listeners, quoting lyrics, and sending me notes about how the song personally relates to them, sharing their stories. As a songwriter, there is nothing more meaningful than that. 

TC: What can we expect from your upcoming album?
A: This album has been an amazing year and a half in the making. I was fortunate to find great friends in the incredible co-writers I’ve spent time with, while penning hundreds of songs specifically for this project, and of course, the brilliant producers who brought them to life. So many great behind the scenes stories that I hope to be able to share someday. I took the time to really focus on writing songs that meant a lot to me, that had lyrics that spoke from the heart and catchy melodies, and I could not be more proud of the final product. There’s the empowering anthem songs (like Only the Strong Survive), the heart-wrenching ballads, and the up-tempo fun sassy songs, and I think it’s pretty cool top to bottom… everything is unique. I’ve already been blasting the album in my car with the windows down, and can’t wait until everyone else can do the same!