Pick of the Week: Chad Brownlee’s emotional new video


Hot off The Boys of Fall Tour, Chad Brownlee releases a new video for ‘Leave Here Dying Young’ off his hit album, Love Me or Leave Me.

One of my personal favourites off the album, the song reminds us to put life into perspective, to never take life too seriously, and always keep that young-at-heart attitude as we go along our journey of life. Not only  is the song personal to Chad but the video even more so, featuring home video of his younger years in hockey, ice time with his father, family memories, and his musical achievements.

A personal song is oddly enough the one that can strike a chord with fans alike, noted by the over 44,000 views the video has received in just 2 weeks.

“Remember what it means to be alive.” You can watch the video here:

[mycred_video id=”Qo7hRXc6TfU” width=”620″ height=”340”]