Pick of the Week: David Nail


Welcome to our new feature here on Top Country. Pick of the Week will feature a variety of singles, albums, music videos, and more. Keep your eyes open every Thursday for our Pick of the Week.

David Nail – ‘The Sound of a Million Dreams’

While our first pick may not be Canadian, we feel this song is too great not to be given a mention. Released back in May of 2012, it has recently been named Billboard‘s #1 song on their Top 10 Country Songs chart, beating out heavyweight acts such as Eric Church, Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town. The 615 column on Billboard.com stated, “Chart position aside, this was (by far) Nashville’s best musical moment of 2012. Nail is so ahead of the Music City curve that it’s scary. A modern day “16th Avenue” in a beautiful setting”.

His unique tone and powerhouse vocals made this an easy choice for us to feature as our Pick of the Week. Nail has always been a favourite of mine and anyone who has yet to discover this guy needs to take a listen. You may already know him from his hits ‘Red Light’ and ‘Let It Rain’.

Both his albums I’m About to Come Alive and The Sound of a Million Dreams can be found on iTunes.

[mycred_video id=”g_blZ9AatCI” width=”620″ height=”340”]