Pick of the Week: The Stellas’ “It Wouldn’t Be This”

This week’s Pick of the Week is the new single from The Stellas“It Wouldn’t Be This”.

Read our Q&A with The Stellas below and keep an eye out for the “It Wouldn’t Be This” music video which will debut in a few weeks! You can purchase “It Wouldn’t Be This” on iTunes here.

Q: Tell us a bit about “It Wouldn’t Be This”

A: “Wouldn’t Be This” is our story in a song. Very close to our hearts.

Q: What was the songwriting process for it like?

A: We wrote it an amazing writer Named Fred Wilhelm who we had the opportunity to write with when we first came to Nashville. We spent the first three hours of our writing session talking about our lives, then in the last hour we wrote “It Wouldn’t Be This”.

Q: The music video will be released in a few weeks, can you give us any hints about what we can expect?

A: The video is truly snapshots of our lives over the past 20 years. It makes me teary watching it!

Q: What else do you have coming up this summer that fans can look forward to?

A: We have shows throughout the summer and the release of our album! The shows will be fun… Giving us a chance to try out our new songs and hopefully everyone loves them like we do :)

TC’s Fun 5

  1. Background on your phone? My kids… Of course .
  1. Last thing you Googled? The address for The Whiskey Kitchen in Nashville. Not very exciting sorry! 
  1. Last movie you watched? Oh.. the thought of sitting down and watching a movie sounds great! Last movie was Old School.
  1. Place you have never been but really want to visit? Ireland! Always a dream and one day we will for sure visit! 
  1. Can’t leave home without…? Gum!