21 Days until Christmas!

We’re counting down the days until Christmas by featuring a special Top Country Christmas Q&A with a different artist each day! Check out today’s Q&A with Stacey, Ann and Cadence from Runaway Angel!

1. Top way to countdown to Christmas

S – Drinking Baileys everyday starting Dec 1.

A – I decorate the SH*T outta everything!

C – Listen to lots of Christmas music while Christmas shopping.

2. Favourite Christmas Carol

S – All I Want For Christmas is You

A – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and Holy Night

C – All I want for Christmas is You

3. Top 3 Christmas movies, go!

S – National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

A – A Christmas Story… and whatever season of Star Trek my family is re-watching over the holidays;)

C – Elf, Elf and Elf. Did I mention Elf? In the absence of Elf I will allow substitution of whatever tear jerker seasonal flick is on lifetime haha. 

4. Top 2 things every Christmas Carol needs

S – Santa and a reindeer.

A – “Oh” and snow!

C – The actual word ‘Christmas’, and ‘Cheer’. 

5. Top 3 Christmas Treats

S – Dutch Apple Tart, shortbread and Dutch almond Log

C – Nanaimo Bars!! And these things my mom makes called magic cookie bars. No no, not that kind of magic ;) Just the chocolate kind. 

A – I’m intrigued by these magic cook bars! Also Rum ‘n eggnog of course.. and scotch and shortbread! Yes, they DO go together.

6. Worst Christmas present you ever received?

S – Can’t complain they’re all fine.

A – Once my mom wrapped a bunch of cleaning supplies and hid the rest for after she tricked us… Made for some funny photos.

C – My Grandpa put coal in my stocking once when I was like 6 or 7 I remember being so upset haha

7. Any funny Christmas memories or stories?

A – My mom also once gave my brother dozens of pairs of underwear.. all wrapped so he thought he had a lot of gifts. It’s occurring to me that she’s enjoyed tormenting us…

C – This one year my sister and I got up super early and hid all the gifts my parents had put under the tree and went back to bed. When our parents woke us up to go downstairs and we arrived at an empty tree and convinced my parents someone must have stone all the gifts in the night until we finally could’t keep our laughter in anymore. Hilarious. 

8. Real Christmas tree or fake?

S – Fake, I think ours is going on 25 years

A – Always real! Dad insists we go find one every year, and then we go to Stacey’s to help her glue gun hers. Kidding.

C – Always real too! My mom insists on cutting down our own tree and about 75% of the time we pick one to large for our basement and have to cut off like half of it when we get it home so it ends up being like a large Christmas bush that overtakes the basement haha.

9. Your top 3 Holiday Traditions?

S -Baileys, apps and movies on Christmas with family

A – Snowball fights, scotch and shortbread and tree decorating

C – Christmas Eve KFC With my parents and sisters where we play ‘Night Before Christmas’ Madlibs which is always epic and extremely funny. Then My Fiancé and I usually have a party together afterwards with copious amounts of eggnog. And Rum.

10. What is at the top of your Christmas list?

S – An all expense paid vacation somewhere hot

A – Being home for Christmas:)

C -Vacation with my babe :)

11. What goes on top of your tree?

S – An Angel;)

A – Angel!

C – A Star!