Photo by Mike Peleshok

Exclusive! Johnny Reid answers our Spotlight Questions

Photo by Mike Peleshok

Johnny on the Spot!

We had a bunch of important Top Country questions and we wanted answers, from country soul superstar Johnny Reid.  Even though he’s in the middle of a monster tour he took the time to ponder our queries and get back to us with the following.  Read on to learn a bit more about the things that fire him up, from his favorite music to the best advice he ever received…

What are your top three favorite foods?

JR – Indian, Thai, North American

What are your top three all-time favorite songs?

JR – ‘Into The Mystic,’ Van Morrison

‘I Feel Like Going Home,’ Charlie Rich

‘You Are The Star,’ Frankie Miller

What is your all-time favorite quote?

JR – “love”

Who are your three favorite songwriters?

JR – Harland Howard

Paul McCartney

Neil Young

3 favorite sports?

JR – Football, soccer, golf

Beatles or Stones? Why?

JR – Both

Van Morrison or Rod Stewart? Why?

JR – Rod Stewart – true entertainer and a hometown boy.

Patsy or Loretta? Why?

JR – Loretta. She’s a coal miners daughter.

Mountain or beach?

JR – Beach

Top 3 favorite movies?

JR – Braveheart, Braveheart – Behind the Scenes, Braveheart Un Cut

What are your 3 biggest pet peeves?

JR – Girls that wear heels they can’t walk in, smokers / smoking, people that chew with their mouth open

What do you like best about performing in concert?

JR – Instant gratification

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 record albums would you want with you?

JR – Pink Floyd, Pulse

Bob Marley

Tracy Chapman

If you could be anything besides a singer, what would you be?

JR – Philanthropist

If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

JR – Elvis

What is the best advice you were ever given?

JR – Keep your feet on the ground because it is hard to fall off the floor

 What are you most proud of?

 JR – My family