TC Exclusive Interview & BTS Video with the Stellas


The Stellas released their new single “Gravy” today and Top Country got the chance to chat with them all about it. PLUS we’ve also got some exclusive behind the scenes footage of the recording of “Gravy”! Take a look below!


TC: Can you tell us a bit about “Gravy”?

TS: “Gravy” is a bit of a tongue and cheek song about people’s perception of what happens when they see you on TV or hear you on the radio. People automatically think you are rolling in dough and your lives are made completely different!

TC: How did the song come to be? What was the songwriting process for it like?

TS: One of our first co-writes in Nashville was with an amazing writer named Fred Wilhelm. We basically told him our whole life story in a flash… and we ended up writing the song “It Wouldn’t Be This” . It had been about a year or so before we got back in a room with him to write and in that year we had some amazing things happen to us! We had singles out and charting, we did a few great tours, won a CCMA award, and when we were getting started on our next song.. he had mentioned he had been following our story and how crazy different our lives must be. As much as it was all awesome… Things still seemed the exact same as it was when we had seen him last.. Just the way people thought was different! So we ended up writing “Gravy”. 

TC: What’s a specific line or lyric from it that you particularly love?

TS: “I guess me and you are going to have to do with what we used to do without”.

TC: The music video for “Gravy” features your daughters Lennon & Maisy and Vince Gill and Amy Grant as special guests – what was it like working with everyone and filming the video? It looks like it was a blast!

TS: Filming Gravy was a blast! We were so ridiculous that the Directer Roman White probably has a ton of blackmail footage but it was so much fun Haha. It was amazing of Lennon and Maisy to be so cool with being ridiculous with us! To be their ages and put themselves out there and not care what people think made us very proud parents :) and of course they were amazing! Where do we begin with Vince and Amy? They are without a doubt the most caring kind hearted humans on this planet… And funny!! They’re  country royalty and totally did us a beautiful favour being there for us. We are forever grateful for their friendship. All of our friends who came out for the long hot day of filming were so appreciated!

TC: What else have you got coming up this year that we can look forward to?

TS: We are so looking forward to finally releasing our album! It was long in the making and it is an album we’re proud of. We’re excited for everyone to hear it!

“Gravy” is available on iTunes here. You can watch the music video premiere of “Gravy” on CMT Canada here.


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Check out this exclusive behind the scenes footage of The Stellas recording “Gravy”! 

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