If there’s one thing that country music artists do right (besides beer-drinking, break-up songs and looking flawless in a cowboy hat) it’s covering a Christmas song. There is something about that southern drawl that is warm, relaxing and will put you in an instant good mood. Combine that with some nice holiday visuals,  or a live performance, and you’ve got yourself  a playlist that you won’t want to press pause on until January 1.

Below are 10 Christmas country music videos to get you in the holiday spirit. Plus, a bonus pick!

1. Joy to the World – Hunter Brothers

Everybody knows Joy to the World, but not everyone has been swept off their feet by the Hunter Brothers version. Upbeat and catchy, this version’s tempo is quite a bit different from the one you’re used to, but listen to it once and you’ll have a hard time ever going back to the original sound.

2. I’ll be home for Christmas – Rascal Flatts

This classic Christmas song is one of my absolute favourites. Not only does it bring me to tears just about every time I listen to it, but Bing Crosby’s smooth and deep voice gives the song a distinct and comforting sound that is incredibly hard to match. I’ll be home for Christmas has been covered numerous times, but no one has come as close to matching the magic of the original as Rascal flatts has. Sung completely a cappella, the stunning harmonies in this version will leave you with goosebumps all over your body.

3. Silver Bells – Dean Brody

It’s hard to go up against a force like Bing Crosby. He’s the Christmas king, and his deep, jazzy, crooner voice is incomparable. Yet, Dean Brody isn’t trying to match, instead he takes the Christmas classic and makes it his own. He strips away the harmonies and the chimes, and belts out the tune with nothing but his acoustic guitar backing him. The result is beautiful.

 4. Where are you Christmas – Faith Hill

An original country Christmas song, Where are you Christmas is extra special due to the fact that it was a featured song on the Christmas film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Much like the message of the movie, the song is a beautiful ballad about the true meaning of Christmas and the search for the love, laughter and joy that a true Christmas brings. The video revolves around Hill standing in the stunning, wintery wonderland that overlooks Whoville, and features appearances by the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, and my personal favourite, Max the dog. Hill uses her powerhouse of a voice to bring the song to an epic climax. It’s enough to make anyone’s heart grow three sizes.

5. O Holy Night – Jess Moskaluke feat. The Lovelocks

Probably one of the most vocally challenging Christmas songs, O holy Night is filled with long, drawn out and controlled notes, overtop a slow and soft melody. Jess Moskaluke was up for the challenge and she absolutely crushed it. Her powerhouse of a voice perfectly glides over the low notes, and then kicks it into high gear for the spine-tingling crescendos.

6. Christmas Time’s a Comin’ – Sammy Kershaw

I grew up listening to Sammy Kershaw, largely in part because of my mom’s huge crush on him, so I’m probably a little bit biased for putting this song on the list. Still, it’s a Christmas anthem unlike any other. Upbeat and fun, you can’t help but want to dance when you listen to it. This is further aided by the music video, which features a crew of fiddle players, drummers, guitarists, accordion players, party-goers and Kershaw himself dancing around a gigantic bonfire. I dare you not to tap your toes.

7. Christmas Medley – River Town Saints

One could argue that there are so many amazing Christmas songs that it’s impossible to choose just one to cover. Which is probably why River Town Saints decided to choose three. Blending the songs perfectly with stunning harmonies, a plethora of musical instruments and unique transitions, River Town Saints bring maximum holiday cheer.

8. Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer – Elmo and Patsy

I would bet that there isn’t a single child who didn’t have to listen to their grandpa sing this song around the Christmas holidays.  The video tells the story of Grandma, who drank too much eggnog, forgot her medication and staggered home on Christmas Eve only to be the victim of an unfortunate reindeer incident. It’s a classic, even though your grandma probably hates it.

9. Go Tell it on the Mountain – Dolly Parton

Definitely the oldest on the list, this tune dates back to 1865 and has taken on many forms and adaptations. But perhaps one of the best is the Dolly Parton version, featured on her 1990 album, Home for Christmas, and performed as part of her Christmas TV special. Parton’s voice is unlike any other country singer out there. Her intense, signature vibratto is heard loud and clear in this rendition, which kicks into high gear near the end of the song, when a group of choir singers join Parton to make this one of the most upbeat and fun Christmas songs you’ve ever heard.

10. All I want for Christmas is you – Shania Twain

One of the most popular modern pop Christmas songs covered by the queen of country herself. Need I say more?!

Bonus: Redneck 12 Days of Christmas – Jeff Foxworthy

No Christmas music list is complete without the 12 Days of Christmas, and what better addition to a Christmas country music list than the redneck version of said song. Jeff Foxworthy, the stand-up comedian known for his “You might be a redneck if..” one-liners, delivers a hilarious take on the traditional 12 days, which replaces 5 golden rings with 5 flannel shirts, and a partridge in a pear tree with some parts to a Mustang GT. I think we can all agree which version is better.