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Jess Moskaluke Shares Wedding Details and Insight into “Past The Past”

After an incredible year – from winning  a JUNO award to being the first Canadian female in 9 years to have a Top 3 single at country radio – Jess Moskaluke is looking forward to 2018. The reason for her excitement? Well, it’s partly because she’s recently released her new EP Past The Past but mainly because she’s getting married! (Sorry fellas!)

“What I’m most looking forward to in 2018 is getting married! I’m going to have a wedding in the summer of 2018, so I’m pretty excited about that.” – Jess Moskaluke

Jess Moskaluke announced her engagement to Clay Becker on Monday Oct, 30.

TC: Did you have a feeling Clay was going to propose?

JM: We’ve been together for almost six years now so I was hoping and praying that was something that was going to come sooner, rather than later at some point in our relationship. Did I know it was going to be in Nashville on that particular trip? No, I had no idea, he had been scheming with my producer for months, so they got me.

We’re only a little obsessed with the ring 😉

Hanging out with @jessmoskaluke…that ring though 🙌😍💍💅 Go download her new EP #PastThePast today!!!

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When Jess Moskaluke got a text saying her grandfather passed during the recording of Past The Past, she remained incredibly strong, for him.

TC: What’s your most memorable moment from when you were creating Past The Past?

JM: One of the most memorable moments, although it’s not a positive or a pleasant one, was that when I went to record “Past the Past”, as in the song not the album, I had one day left of vocals and I had a camera crew come in with me to shoot a documentary called “Jess Moskaluke: Home Movie”. It was the last day, everyone was there in Nashville and I woke up that morning and got a text on my phone saying that my grandfather passed away.

So, I didn’t tell anyone except one of my managers, Carmen, who was with me at the time, I didn’t tell anybody else and I went in and finished the record knowing that I wouldn’t be able to be home for the funeral…you might hear some emotion (in the song “Past The Past”) and that’s one hundred percent real cause that was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do…I knew my grandpa would want me to finish the record as best I could, so I thought, let’s just do this, for him.

Being such a strong woman, not only in that moment, but in her career thus far, we asked Jess Moskaluke if she had any words of empowerment or advice for young females chasing their dreams.

JM: Ya, I think words of advice for young females chasing their dreams is don’t treat it any differently than if you were a young male chasing your dreams. We’re just young people and we’re chasing our dreams and there’s something beautiful about that.

To chase your dreams in this particular industry, you have to make sure that this something that you love…and I don’t mean you love it like I love popcorn or coffee. I mean that, you need to make sure that this is something you want to do 24/7, 365 because (even) Christmas day you’re still getting people saying “hey, I’m really sorry to bug you but can you send me this”…You just have to prepared for that is all. You have to work as hard as you can and once you think you can’t possibly put more work into something, you have to do twice as much work.

TC: Speaking of Christmas, what’s on your Christmas wish list?

JM: Well, I have everything that I need, I’m so lucky. Realistically, I want some TV trays for my living room which is really random but I have a feeling now with planning a wedding, there will be some things that pop-up that I might ask for for Christmas.

Do you have any wedding must-haves? Make sure to share them with us (@topcountrynews) and Jess Moskaluke (@jessmoskaluke) on Twitter! Maybe she’ll add them to her Christmas wish list, you never know!!

Jess Moskaluke Shares her Top Country Secrets

Can you guess which one of her Past The Past themed secrets is a lie?

  1. “Drive Me Away was the first female Canadian country song to be in the top 3 since 2008, since Terri Clark.”
  2. “There are 8 tracks on this record.”
  3. “This record was released on Nov 3, 2017.”

Find out the lie in the video below!


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